Wrapping up v4.5.5

This week’s demo and features represent a lot of wrap up for the v4.5.5 release.

The finishing touches to accountable property were added.  You are now able to assign accountable property to an individual or a location.  You can report it lost, stolen or make it inactive. And if you made a mistake, you can delete it.

If you are attending Wednesday’s User Group Feature Demonstration, you may hear one of our employees trying to earn this trophy.

Training categories also got some additional polish and closure.  Training categories are now available when variable in-service hours are reported, providing time savings and flexibility in reporting.  These display on the submitted and approved in-service records.

We also incorporated some feedback noted during feature demonstrations.  Labels were changed to reduce confusion, and we added a read-only display of the observers and comments on the student test record.

Some of the final release features are still working their way through testing and will be available for demonstration next week, but you may want to attend the User Group Feature Demonstration this Wednesday since it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the demonstration is bound to be lively.

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