U.S., Canada proposal to limit border inspections, requires new cross training

In an effort to improve border security and reduce costs, the U.S. and Canada are working on creating a common approach to screening cargo shipped from other countries. Fierce Homeland Security reported that the new procedures will reduce the number of shipments that have to be re-inspected as they cross the border between the U.S. and Canada. The current design of the plan dictates that Canadian customs officials would inspect cargo at Canadian ports as it comes from foreign countries other than the U.S.. This way, if the same cargo travels from Canada to the U.S., U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not have to inspect it again. The same process would hold in reverse for cargo traveling to the U.S. and then into Canada. 

New inspection strategies created
A strategy for the plan was released on September 4. Included in the plan is an outline of each nation's security technology relating to examining cargo. According to the news source, the agencies in charge of border security and examining cargo will share information to create a cohesive supply chain by developing similar inspection facilities and use common standards to examine, seal and track cargo as it travels between the two countries. 

According to a statement made in the report, "the vision for the Integrated Cargo Security Strategy is that by jointly securing the perimeter, the Canada-U.S. trade corridor becomes the pre-eminent supply chain for the safe, secure, timely and economically prosperous movement of cargo in the world."

New cross agency training required
As a result of the new direction both countries are taking concerning cargo, new standards and joint training will need to be implemented. New and experienced border security agents will have to undergo retraining in updated inspection procedures. Because these changes impact the national security of not one, but two nations, it is crucial that agents update their skills on how to examine, seal and approve cargo before it is shipped across the border of either nation.

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