Top military officials to receive new training and evaluations

After a series of scandals have plagued the military, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, is proposing to change how top ranking personnel are evaluated. 

CBS News reports that Gen. Dempsey wishes to create a new training program that regularly holds scheduled performance evaluations of high-ranking military officers. These evaluations would not only look at how peers view and rate generals and admirals, but also look to rank their decision making abilities and professional character.

"You can have someone of incredible character who can't lead their way out of a forward operating base because they don't have the competence to understand the application of military power, and that doesn't do me any good," Dempsey said in a press conference. "Conversely, you can have someone who is intensely competent, who is steeped in the skills of the profession, but doesn't live a life of character, and that doesn't do me any good." 

According to the news source, leadership changes are occurring because of recent findings due to these new evaluations. High-ranking military personnel have been investigated and found lacking key skills or traits, which has resulted in multiple firings and penalties being doled out. 

"I think it's going after a problem the military has with what's called 'toxic leaders,'" said Mike Lyons, a CBS News military analyst and a retired U.S. Army major. "They're going to have to pierce the veil of that general officer's staff and surroundings and make sure they get some feedback from subordinate commanders and non-commissioned officers." 

Military departments that have begun to enact these new evaluation procedures say that they could benefit from the use of software when enacting new evaluation procedures to reduce the chance of unqualified or "risky" individuals being in positions of power.

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