There is little question choosing a training management system (TMS) is a highly important task. Between managing fresh recruits, providing POST training, and streamlining scheduling and inventory management among numerous other critical tasks that an organization undertakes, an upgrade has potential to touch a response agency’s operations for years to come.


Ultimately, the gravity of this choice is what has driven so many organizations at the local, state, and federal levels to choose Acadis. As the premier response-focused training management tool, teams just like yours have come to place a high degree of trust in the Acadis platform and its suite of powerful modules. If you are considering a switch, here are ten reasons you will want to do the same.


  1. It Modernizes Your Training Efforts

If you have ever sat through an annual training course (blood-borne pathogen training, for instance) and thought to yourself, “There’s no reason this couldn’t be taught online,” you understand the advantages of an online learning platform. With its automated class creation templates, Acadis offers efficient, cloud-based learning modules, a boon for schedulers, management, and busy professionals who no longer have to travel to a centralized location to attend training courses.


Making Acadis even more appealing, the platform’s online learning features fully integrate with all the other benefits listed below. This means the training records it generates will go alongside all the other centralized data held or accessed by the platform, making it easier than ever to view training and testing data for the entirety of an employee’s time with your organization. The Acadis platform makes it easier to view training and testing data for the entirety of an employee's stay. Click To Tweet


  1. It Centralizes Legally Defensible “Hire-to-Retire” Records

The skills imparted to your team are only one reason you provide training. There is also the fact that effective recordkeeping is a staple of a strong legal defense. If you can prove that training your personnel not to engage in the behavior in question was part of a training objective, for instance, your case is that much stronger.


Here, Acadis and its modules can help in several ways. Acadis Documents offers locations throughout the product where supporting documents —of almost all types, including word processor documents and audio/video files—can be “pinned” to individual personnel records, classes, training activities, certifications, lesson plan approvals, etc. Moreover, the training records it generates and all other documents you attach stay from hire to retire, making it easier to pull up individual records than cumbersome manual processes could ever allow. Add in the ability to manage testing and training data from a multitude of sources, including on-site events like driving and firing range courses, and you have a tool that gains utility as your complexity of records grows. Effective record keeping is a staple of a strong defense. Click To Tweet


  1. It Helps Future-Proof Your Technological Growth

In the past, large institutional software purchases were largely one-and-done affairs. What you got was what you got, in other words. Acadis software developers, on the other hand, use the Agile development methodology, which allows for continual improvement, and adaptation with six software releases a year. At a high level, this gives the platform all the versatility and flexibility the modern response organization needs from their software purchases, with far fewer concerns about falling behind new and emerging technological innovations.


This point is especially valuable when considering Envisage’s ongoing collaboration with clients, which ensures all customers receive a platform built with cutting-edge best practices in mind. A solution attuned to the agency’s training and document management needs from the onset is obviously a good thing, but one that improves as time goes on is even better. If you are tired of software platforms that start aging the moment you deploy them, let Acadis show you a training management system truly built with the future in mind. Ongoing client collaboration ensures customers receive an Acadis Readiness platform with cutting-edge practices. Click To Tweet


  1. It Consolidates Your Tools

If your agency operates like most agencies, there is a good chance it utilizes multiple software solutions, with little interoperability between them. It is a basic, if unpleasant, fact in the public sector, and one that only grows as the number of solutions at your disposal increases. When some records are stored in one system, others are stored in another, and others yet remain locked away in file cabinets, getting the data or functionality you need in a timely manner is next to impossible.


When it comes to training, all the concerns listed above apply. Alongside centralized records, Acadis consolidates all the tools you need for an effective, modernized training regimen. Instead of using one tool for communicating lesson times and dates, one for scheduling, and one for testing, the platform leverages a customizable lot of modules. This allows the agency to build a platform that replaces precisely the tools it needs, with no added expense to muddy the water. The Acadis Readiness Suite allows an agency to build a platform with precisely the necessary components. Click To Tweet


  1. It Makes Verification Easy

Turning back to the previous item, the multiple systems an agency uses are not just cumbersome but also make attaching the right skills to the right job needlessly difficult. When a crisis hits, sifting through standalone computer systems, manual files, and other recordkeeping tools and methods to find exactly the personnel you need may not be an option. In turn, this can open the agency to liability and negatively affect their performance in the field.


The same advantages that make Acadis efficient on the administrative side also make them great for verifying skills and certifications. Just enter the search parameters into Acadis Compliance and it will return a list of personnel meeting the qualifications; this can be extremely useful during emergencies, as well as audits and other verification situations. The platform also includes automated tracking features, which help the organization continually ensure their personnel meet defined standards.


  1. It Streamlines Scheduling

The fact is, getting a group of busy professionals in the same room—and doing it without disrupting operations—is a challenge in and of itself, and that is before considering the need to earmark equipment and find a reasonable space to meet. While generic calendar tools may do an adequate job alerting attendees to their responsibilities, they do little to make the time and place work for everyone involved.


Acadis Scheduling, one of the many powerful modules offered by Envisage, helps bridge that gap. It automatically searches for scheduling conflicts and suggests alternatives, giving it great utility during end-of-year training blitzes or when planning new recruit training schedules. The platform takes the same approach to resource provisioning, putting the right tools and resources in the right place every time. Even smaller agencies struggle with the finer points of scheduling—and that makes a platform designed for the realities of first response life all the more attractive. The Acadis Scheduling module automatically searches for conflicts and suggests alternatives. Click To Tweet


  1. It Promotes Efficiency—Financial and Otherwise

Thus far, we have discussed the operational benefits Acadis offers. However, we all know the best efficiencies are the ones that convert to dollars saved. With budgets shrinking and agencies of all walks expected to do more with less year over year, there is an ever-growing need to squeeze the most value possible out of every purchase. There is also a need to eschew prospective tools that fail to offer significant financial savings in the long term.


Fortunately, all the advantages listed here are just as valid in financial terms. Advanced automation tools in Acadis turn laborious manual tasks into a series of clicks. The tasks and utilities it consolidates can also replace multiple expensive standalone systems, including ones your agency may pay monthly or annually to maintain. Following this logic, you can think of the efficiencies listed here in two important ways: saved labor and saved dollars.


  1. It Scales to Your Size and Technical Parameters

You do not have to be familiar with the inner workings of the cloud to understand it saves organizations healthy sums of cash, which is the reason private- and public-sector entities alike have flocked to cloud-based tools. Beyond that, though, cloud technology has served as a sort of technological equalizer in recent years, bringing capabilities that may have been unreachable to organizations on limited budgets. Suddenly, tools once only accessible to entities with server farms and IT teams are available to departments with little more than an internet connection. Cloud technology has served as a technological equalizer bringing capabilities to organizations with smaller budgets. Click To Tweet


By offering Acadis in a convenient Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format, Envisage offers first responder organizations of all sizes the same cloud-based capabilities. Organizations with the desire and appropriate resources can host the platform on their own hardware, while others can utilize the same powerful capabilities via the internet, with no need to burden themselves with the costs and complexity of hardware, technical personnel, and network security. For organizations with enhanced privacy and security needs, Acadis offers opt-in certification features, further ensuring companies get exactly the platform and specifications they need.

  1. It Manages Resources

Even the longest-tenured, most-skilled responder would struggle to do an adequate job without the right tools on hand. For the agencies that employ them, then, it is much the same. An ill-maintained collection of equipment without extensive documentation can open the organization to reputational and legal liabilities, which really sting when stakeholders realize just how easy the problem was to avoid.


In this instance, Acadis Inventory represents the best possible solution to the challenges of inventory management. As with other aspects of training and records management, the tool streamlines and simplifies a decidedly complex aspect of running an effective operation. At a glance, relevant personnel can view critical equipment status, including maintenance history, and chain of custody. From retirement transitions to faster incident response to budget forecasting, an at-a-glance view of all critical inventory is not something you want to regret lacking in your organization’s moment of need. Plan accordingly.


  1. It Does a Lot More, Too

In the end, no ten-item list could possibly cover every benefit or utility that a platform like Acadis offers. For just one example, this list overlooks useful modules like Acadis Housing, which applies the platform’s focus on automation and efficiency and applies it to complex academy housing needs. For another, there is Acadis Forecasting, a solution designed to help agencies meet their own readiness goals through a collection of flexible, useful planning tools. While helpful, a top ten list cannot cover every benefit that Acadis offers. Click To Tweet


In this sense, Acadis and its modules are not just tools built to the specific needs of first response agencies, but rather designed to suit every individual responder organization’s needs, whatever the specifics may be. With a flexible, modular design, combined with a selection of delivery models (self-hosted or cloud-based), Acadis is a perfect match anywhere training management and modernization is required.