Tennessee Law Enforcement and Fire Service Academies Consolidate Training Operations on the Acadis® Readiness Suite

BLOOMINGTON, IN, June 5, 2012 – Envisage Technologies, a Bloomington, Indiana-based high-technology firm, announced today that the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA) and Tennessee Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy (TFACA) have joined forces to standardize the management of emergency personnel, certifications and training operations statewide.

The intent of the shared platform is to reduce the cost of compliance by aggregating accurate training and certification information for all emergency responders. Collecting vital personnel readiness information will better prepare the State for critical incident response by identifying existing skills gaps among emergency responders and enable Tennessee to quickly identify qualified personnel in the event of a crisis.

Tennessee becomes the second state to consolidate law enforcement, fire, emergency services and emergency responders in one system, providing visibility into available personnel resources. Envisage’s Acadis Readiness Suite will serve as the central repository for these resources.

“The expansion of the Acadis Readiness Suite to our agencies will allow us to capture in-service training events in real time and provide online registration for scheduled courses, significantly lowering the cost of compliance for all our law enforcement agencies,” stated Brian Grisham, Director of TLETA. “The system will help us efficiently schedule our training to ensure we have the right number of law enforcement personnel ready for response.”

“Acadis is a significant evolution for TFACA. It will modernize our training operations, allowing us to do more with declining budgets. Perhaps more important, the consolidation of personnel records will allow us to achieve visibility of training needs across our state,” stated Roger Hawks, Executive Director of TFACA.

”Our vision is to eliminate costly fragmented manual systems and implement innovative technologies for emergency responder organizations. Compliance management is essential for effective crisis response: Without it, we don’t know what resources are available and authorized to respond to a critical incident,” stated Cory Myers, VP Homeland Security Solutions. “By consolidating emergency response data, Tennessee is helping lead the way in what we believe will become a standard practice. We are honored to be of assistance to Tennessee in this vital consolidation project.”


TFACA and TLETA are administratively attached to the Department of Commerce and Insurance, which works to protect consumers while ensuring fair competition for industries and professionals who do business in Tennessee. www.tn.gov/commerce/, @TNCommerceInsur (Twitter), http://on.fb.me/uFQwUZ (Facebook), http://bit.ly/ry1GyX (YouTube)


Envisage is a high tech software company founded in 2001 to automate complex training operations for high liability industries. We create solutions that make our world a safer place. Our clients include military commands, federal law enforcement academies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations.

About the Acadis Readiness Suite

The Acadis Readiness Suite is designed to make certain that our law enforcement, emergency responders and military are trained, equipped and ready. The Suite measures readiness by automating complex, high-risk training and compliance operations. Acadis increases the accuracy and effectiveness across every level of critical incident response by consolidating information about personnel and resources. The modular system enables organizations to implement functionality where needed to support the compliance lifecycle.

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