Taming person imports

Imports can be intimidating.  They require knowledge of data from the old system, the fields where the data should go in the new system, and what to do when data is missing or in the wrong format.  If it weren’t for getting so much data in the system quickly, customers might skip using them entirely.

This week’s highlighted feature attempts to take the intimidation out of person imports.  The wizard-like interface will help you get through all the steps without missing one.  Acadis will try to make a guess on which field your data should map to based on the column headers in your CSV or Microsoft Excel file.  It will allow you to specify values for blank rows, correct values in the file when it needs to match a list in Acadis, and let you know which fields are required before spending a bunch of time trying to import.  You can even add a comment to each person record as it is imported, so later you can tell where the information came from.

import of person record with auto-detection of certain fields (green check) and indication of required fields (red asterisks)

The wizard will help users find the right fields to map their files to and avoid common mistakes like not mapping required fields.

more rows for mapping with auto-detection, ability to specify blank values, add comments to each imported row, and map uncommon fields

Adding values for blank rows, skipping bad data and adding comments to each new import record is easy with the new interface.

If you are interested in seeing this or the other features that were developed this week or last, please join our user group feature demonstration.

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