What happens if your instructor isn’t certified at the time of instruction? In the case of law enforcement officer training, it could mean that all citations and arrests issued by officers taught by the uncertified instructor are considered invalid.

This week’s highlighted feature is intended to free your mind from that worry. We’ve added a new type of rule to scheduling. You can indicate a requirement for a certified instructor with any of the active certifications in your system. Instructors that are qualified and available to teach the segment (or set of segments if you’ve asked for the same instructor) will be assigned top priority. If you have instructors that are qualified today, but their certification expires before the segment, they will be assigned as a second priority and their assignment will show a conflict. This will give the scheduler a warning that re-certification activities need to take place prior to the instructor teaching the class.

The ability to add personnel rules with certifications is shown.  Also visible are authorizations, facility rules, equipment rules and affinity (the same instructor for multiple segments)

Scheduling rules can be created based on certifications. Warnings will show up if the instructor has an expired certification before the class begins.

Stop by the user group feature demonstration to see this and other features developed in the past two weeks.