How the ‘War for Talent’ Is Driving a Change in Identifying Leaders

Modern theories of effective hiring and promotion aim to start with the outcome in mind: keeping the agency’s mission at the forefront, and looking for traits that will contribute to the underlying strategies needed to achieve that mission. This article looks at recent changes in the U.S. Army’s approach to promotions and other personnel decisions, and how similar data-driven decision-making can help public safety organizations looking to identify and reward effective leaders within their ranks.

Start With Outcomes in Mind

On a Mission - The purpose of law enforcement is to maintain social order and peace. But what does that look like for your police force? These experts examine how mission drives everything, from effective policies to compliance protocol.

2020-07-20T15:36:04-04:00July 20th, 2020|Law Enforcement|

Let’s Look at Hiring

Diverse, high-quality candidates are essential to any working environment—but for law enforcement, they are more critical than ever. From hiring trends and best practices to decertification tracking, join a panel of experts to examine the most pressing personnel issues facing law enforcement today.

2020-07-02T12:19:11-04:00June 23rd, 2020|Law Enforcement, Local & Tribal, State|
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