Adding Student Feedback

Feedback is one of the major tenants in Agile software development.  It is built into every step of our process, large or small.  It is why we demonstrate features to our customers each week.  With feedback, we are able to make course corrections and close communication gaps.

screen capture of the student feedback report preferences

Like many reports in Acadis, preferences are available to customize the report to be what you want it to be.

This week, the highlighted feature is a feedback report for students.  The report allows instructors to print an individual report for each student to help them understand what questions they missed and provide feedback about why a specific answer is more correct than the one they chose.

The report preferences allow the instructor to provide the report in the format that works best.  Instructors can decide whether they would prefer to reinforce correctly answered questions or conserve paper by only having missed questions on the report.  They can include the Question ID as a reference point when exams are randomized or they can keep them confidential to minimize the possibility of the question answer being compromised from class to class.  The feedback options allow instructors to tell students why the correct answer should have been chosen, why the student’s answer was incorrect, why each of the answer is right or wrong, or any combination.

With this new report, we expect students will be able to make course corrections and instructors can close communication gaps.  You can see the new report at our User Group Feature Demonstrations this week.  You may also want to check out the latest import for classes.

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