It’s been said that “many hands make light work.” But when resource-starved training departments have fewer hands to do the work, gaining efficiencies in every corner of their operations becomes that much more critical.

The Acadis Workforce Portal lets agencies and departments decentralize tasks involved in training management. Through the Workforce Portal, designated representatives have secure access to the full training records for all of their personnel.

That means you can view your team members’ contact information and training records and certifications. In conjunction with other Acadis portal modules, you can also register your personnel for coursework, add in-service training events, and more.

The Acadis Workforce Portal makes it easy to track your compliance, even if your team is geographically distributed and manages training and compliance through a whole host of stakeholders. Since data entry is available to authorized reviewers, you can eliminate paperwork bottlenecks that would otherwise obstruct effective training management, all while creating a more complete view of individual and team readiness.

Key Benefits:

  • Get the Complete Picture: Provide agency and department managers with the ability to access authoritative training and certification information for their personnel
  • Ensure Compliance: Coordinate certification renewal activities proactively by monitoring certification expiration information (including status and expiration dates of certifications for all agency or department personnel)
  • Empower Action: Let authorized agency officers submit in-service training events and personnel change requests that can be approved — or even auto-approved — through the Acadis Workforce Portal
  • Access Anywhere: Access key information through the Acadis Portal Framework, which allows secure remote access to training records across your entire organization

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