In a perfect world, you’d be able to quickly and easily build an accurate, detailed training record of every member of your team, one that covers every move from basic training to retirement. Thankfully, even in an imperfect world like ours, you can still do just that.

Acadis Training maintains a single, robust record for your personnel that conveniently aggregates everything you need to know to ensure they’re properly qualified and certified.

Tests (even observed ones like firearms or driving), grades, transcripts, certifications — all of these (and many more) are captured in Acadis Training, helping you automate and track lifelong learning. So as the professionals on your team advance through the ranks, you’re helping ensure — in real time — that they are in compliance with key standards.

Best of all, you’re tracking it through an intuitive tool that can be fully integrated with your entire training process. So whether your training takes place in the classroom, online or on the range, you’re producing a detailed, accurate and legally defensible record of what your personnel are authorized to do.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline Training Management: Capitalize on the efficiencies of a single system of record that automates otherwise costly, often fragmented training and workflow processes
  • Ensure Compliance: Plan training to ensure certifications are up-to-date
  • Mitigate Litigation: Defend your staff with the backing of comprehensive records maintained in a legally defensible manner
  • Generate Savings: Distribute certificates automatically through the system, eliminating the need for time- consuming and costly distribution of hard-copy certificates
  • Standardize Curriculum: Use program templates to quickly and simply create reusable training and certification classes
  • Improve Testing: Automate testing and grading for written and observed tests (including practical exercises, physical activities, range exams, online tests, etc.)

Feature Comparisons:

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