In complex, high-risk situations, your team has fractions of a second to make life or death decisions.


That’s why traditional pen-and-paper assessments fall so short of providing an accurate gauge of your true readiness for those moments. And it’s why Acadis Testing has become such a prized resource for training professionals who demand a more complete perspective of their team’s capabilities.


Acadis Testing puts the information you need right where you need it. It gives you a complete view of students’ test scores, range skills, physical fitness levels and adherence to proper procedures. In addition, Acadis Mobile, a component of Acadis Testing, allows you to easily record observed tests and practical exercises right to your mobile device, making paper recordkeeping a thing of the past.


So with a quick review, you’ll know who’s ready to meet the challenges of the job (and, perhaps more importantly, who’s not). And since Acadis Testing is fully integrated with the rest of the Acadis Readiness Suite, you won’t need to invest time, energy or resources in a costly standalone system or dual data entry.



Key Benefits:

  • Save Time: Define testing rules and rely on templates to quickly develop new tests, securely add or update test questions, and administer tests online
  • Stay on Target: Develop learning objectives for effective testing practices that ensure your class curricula is aligned to training goals — and that your training goals are aligned with your organizational directives
  • Support Accreditation: Match learning objectives to class curricula to ensure adherence to key accreditation standards
  • Measure Everything: Track written, online or observed tests (including physical skills assessments) and transfer them automatically to personal records
  • Optimize Evaluation: Benefit from initial test, make-up and re-take versioning, and use statistical analysis of classes, exams or questions to improve future testing and curricula
  • Ensure Integrity: Capitalize on randomization features that ensure no two tests administered present the same questions in the same fashion
  • No connectivity is no problem: Acadis Mobile requires data connectivity only when downloading a training roster or uploading test results, freeing agencies to conduct their field training in any environment

Feature Comparisons:


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