Ever wonder what your professionals really think about the training they are provided? Was it worth their time? Was it meaningful? Was it well-delivered? Did they learn what you taught?

Knowledge is power, and now, with Acadis Surveys, you can know what you are doing well and what could use some fine-tuning.

Acadis Surveys is a fully integrated survey builder module that affords instructional designers the ability to develop and automate key aspects of student surveying. This module provides the ability to customize and automatically distribute electronic surveys, collect student reaction to training and instruction, and store data in Acadis for evaluation.

Together with Acadis Testing and Acadis Performance Evaluations, the Suite now supports Kirkpatrick® Levels 1, 2 and 3, allowing assessment of reaction, learning, and behavior. In addition, Acadis Surveys is flexible enough to support non-instructional surveys and polls, allowing your agency to quickly gather information from constituents on various topics.

Key Benefits:

  • Create Custom Surveys: Use Likert-type scales and free-form text fields to create surveys that gather the information most impactful to your organization.
  • Make Better Decisions: Have the data you need to maximize value from every investment in your training program.
  • Optimize Efficiency: Automate data collection and eliminate the aggravation (and cost) involved in compiling information from multiple survey sources.
  • Categorize and Analyze Impact: Define survey groups for categorizing and grouping response data for further analysis.

Feature Comparisons:

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