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Unlike Microsoft® Outlook®, standard appointment books or campus calendaring software, Acadis Scheduling was specifically designed to automate the scheduling of high-liability, multi-subject, blended-training classes.

Acadis Scheduling uses a rules-based approach to automatically assign appropriate instructors, facilities and training equipment to your classes. It puts everyone on the same page: Registrars know when classes are starting, facility managers know when classrooms and training sites need to be ready, and instructors know precisely where they need to be.

Acadis Scheduling streamlines complex scheduling tasks related to training operations. The module’s sophisticated scheduling engine intelligently applies sequencing, priorities, dependencies, and resource requirements for each block of instruction. The additional administrative features of the Acadis Scheduling module include:

  • Automate the scheduling of instructors, facilities, and resources
  • Manage instructor calendar and availability
  • Manage instructor-to-student ratio
  • Assign instructors based on defined criteria
  • Identify and resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Maximize resource utilization

Whether your trainees are in the classroom, on the range or online, you can finally manage class schedules, instructors, facilities and resources with ease.

Key Benefits:

  • Cut Scheduling Time by up to 90%: Set your business rules and automatically schedule multiple classes, instructors, and resources based on those parameters — and save countless hours of legwork in the process
  • Optimize Resources: Ensure the right instructors and right equipment are assigned to the right class (and facilities) at the right time
  • Avoid Conflicts: Readily identify scheduling conflicts and automatically receive suggestions for which resources can help resolve those conflicts
  • Fill in the Gaps: Identify instructor and resource shortfalls for scheduled classes, and use them to aid short- and long-term planning

Feature Comparisons:

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