Whether a routine class, a multi-week course or an intensive field exercise, every training program can track its roots to a shared origin: the registrar’s office. If not managed effectively, enrollment creates a bottleneck that impacts students, instructors, facilities and, ultimately, a team’s readiness.

Acadis Registration helps prevent those bottlenecks — and, in the process, keeps your training funnel full and flowing freely. The end result? Maximized class fill rates and optimized throughput.

In simplest terms, Acadis Registration automates time-consuming processes and manages multiple registrations, waitlists, prerequisites and student preferences. So you’ll be filling classes with the right students — and filling more of them easier than ever before. Meaning you’ll be generating more efficiencies (and fewer headaches) in the process.

Key Benefits:

  • Save Time: Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming faxes, emails and phone calls through secure online registration, and capitalize on customizable fields to capture additional information during registration
  • Enforce Prerequisites: Fill your courses with the right students by defining and tracking prerequisite criteria, including training, certifications, skills and documents
  • Optimize Capacity: Take advantage of advanced waitlist functions to schedule trainees as soon as seats become available
  • Support Planning: Publish program waitlists and use that information to help forecast demand and inform strategic planning

Feature Comparisons:

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