It only fits that your increasingly mobile, interconnected workforce would need anywhere, anytime access to essential training, registration and scheduling information. And through the Acadis Portal, that’s exactly what you get.

The Acadis Portal provides a web-based platform for your training organization to publish information to — and collect data from — agencies and field offices. Its key components help you maintain convenient access to accurate, comprehensive and legally defensible training records.

Acadis Portal Framework with In-Service Reporting
The Acadis Portal is the foundation for the distribution of Acadis functionality across a wide geography. The In-Service Reporting module allows the reporting of in-service training by all locations under the umbrella of the client organization.

Acadis Workforce Portal
The Acadis Workforce portal displays a list of all personnel in the supervisor’s organization. This works on a tiered structure allowing higher level supervisory access to personnel training records across multiple teams under their supervision. The Workforce Portal reduces paper and creates organizational efficiency by decentralizing the data reporting process.     

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  • Acadis Person Portal
    The Acadis Person Portal allows individuals to login and review stored information within Acadis, including their contact information, training history, qualifications and certifications with expiration dates. In addition, the portal shows certifications that have expired and Portal provides access to a complete training and certification record for individual students.

    Acadis Instructor Scheduling Portal
    The Acadis Instructor Scheduling Portal allows instructors to view and manage their instructional calendars, including setting unavailable dates (with applicable reasons), and viewing their scheduled instructional events. The additional instructor-focused features of the Acadis Instructor Scheduling Portal include:

    • View a list of instructional opportunities with class names, locations, dates, and times
    • View instructional assignments on a calendar format
    • Manage personal instructional availability
    • Ensure adequate instructional coverage for all training events

    Acadis Online Registration Portal
    The Acadis Online Registration Portal streamlines the registration process by publishing scheduled courses and testing events for self-registration or allowing administrators to register their staff with course descriptions, prerequisites, locations, dates, and reporting instructions published directly to the class registration record. After a student is registered, optional automated email notifications of any updates to the status of their registration may be set.

    Acadis Online Testing Portal
    Acadis Online Testing allows students to log in to an online test with their student (or other unique) ID and Exam ID to take approved tests. Tests can be timed, and include automatic save-as-you-go features as questions are answered. Test results are auto-calculated and provided, optionally, to the student. Acadis Testing also includes a Proctor Monitor, in which the exam proctor can track exam logins, time spent in the exam, and exam completion. Post-exam feedback reports are easily accessible by the proctor and can be printed and given to students upon the completion of the test with test scores tracked by the exam and on the Person Record.

    Acadis Online Performance Evaluations Portal
    Acadis Online Performance Evaluations allows clients to view officer performance information as well as record it into Acadis Performance Evaluations.

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    Acadis Readiness Suite Modules: