In your line of work, a checkmark next to a completed course doesn’t necessarily reflect an employee’s readiness to perform on the job. That’s why evaluating on-the-job performance has become so critical. And that’s precisely where Acadis Performance Evaluations add so much value.

With Acadis Performance Evaluations, you can easily capture supervisory reviews (also known as “field observation reports”) during on-the-job and classroom training programs. Through user-defined fields, you decide precisely which variables to track — like “Performance of Duty: Non-Stress Conditions” or “Judgment/ Decision Making” — and then use the evaluations to keep a running record of performance along those dimensions. As you track subjective ratings that are so critical to personal and team readiness, you can collect detailed notes and determine how well personnel are tracking against specific guidelines or job requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Customize Assessments: Select the competencies most critical to your team’s success through user- defined fields
  • Save Time: Automatically append results to individual personnel records when supervisory reports are completed and filed
  • Take Corrective Action: Assign remediation actions to specific personnel as their reviews are filed (and store those remediation steps as part of each team member’s personal record)
  • Enhance Lifelong Learning: Ensure personnel increase competencies and job-task ratings, and identify problems that require corrective action
  • Increase Workforce Performance: Pinpoint specific areas for performance improvement and assess the validity of ongoing training programs provided to your workforce

Feature Comparisons:

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