Thanks to the continued evolution of technology, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and interactive online courses are here to stay. And thanks to Acadis LMS, they won’t wear out their welcome anytime soon.

The Acadis LMS module helps you streamline the delivery and management of coursework from all of your SCORM*- and AICC- compliant learning content providers.

Think of it as the “central hub” for all your online training content. As the professionals on your team pursue individual education programs and get on-the-job training, Acadis LMS automatically tracks their participation. The date a course was assigned, its due date, the time it took to complete, pass/fail status and test scores — they’re all automatically captured and fed into each professional’s Acadis Workforce Portal for easy reference by your training management group.

In addition to supporting blended learning, the Acadis LMS module also provides a low-cost delivery platform for online, pre- and post-basic training courses. So whether it’s delivering content you develop internally or from proven third-party sources, Acadis LMS gives your team a powerful resource for managing, delivering and tracking online training.

Key Benefits:

  • Save Costs: Reduce costs by delivering classes online, saving on classroom space, instructor hours and student travel.
  • Gain Efficiencies: Upload and manage new coursework from multiple content providers through one central point, and aggregate all dimensions of lifelong learning in a single system
  • Automate Tracking: Track completion statistics and grades for all your personnel automatically
  • Ensure Compliance: Develop individualized learning plans and assign mandatory courses to all appropriate personnel all while collecting data to support legally defensible training records
  • Streamline Course Selection: View available courses, filter by subject, date and course types (like Incident Command Systems or EMS), and register and complete online courses
  • Create Events: Establish online events that support sophisticated retake rules, and specify certifications to automatically confer or renew once a student successfully completes online training

*The Acadis Learning Management System supports Version 1.2 through 2004 r4 SCORM-compliant content. 

Feature Comparisons:

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