Even the most proficient, well-trained response teams need the right resources to effectively mitigate or manage emerging crises. Without them, what should be a “non-event” can quickly escalate to front-page news.

Acadis Inventory is designed to help organizations track, manage, certify and deploy critical resources. Put simply, it helps you know exactly what you have on hand — and whether or not that resource is ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Through the Acadis Inventory module, you can track essential attributes for each asset: individual, agency or department ownership; date entered into service (or removed from service); National Incident Management System (NIMS) typing definitions; and more. And as your team adds new resources — vehicles, communications gear, service animals, med kits, etc. — to its inventory, you can build, edit and maintain new records throughout the lifecycle of each resource. That means you can track chain of custody records as resources are transferred, and even use Acadis Inventory to monitor certifications attached to each asset.

Key Benefits:

  • Stay Ready: Know precisely what you have, who’s responsible for it, and its current status, all while ensuring you have an accurate stock of NIMS resources prepared to be deployed during incident response
  • Strengthen Forecasts: Identify gaps in required assets to justify proposed budget allocations
  • Support Compliance: Track the chain of custody of assets quickly and easily, to ensure your team maintains federal, state and local certification and NIMS requirements
  • Increase Response Efficiency: Generate more effective incident response by avoiding time-consuming searches for crisis-ready resources
  • Support Litigation: Access robust records to support requests for information during litigation
  • Facilitate Personnel Moves: Ease transfer and retirement processes by knowing what inventory is assigned to each member of your team

Feature Comparisons:

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