Few training management dynamics are more vexing than housing. It represents an extremely time-intensive, tedious function that begs for an intelligent, automated solution — one that makes accommodating last-minute enrollments (and constant changes) a snap.

Acadis Housing puts a powerful, intuitive tool in your hands to easily manage building, floor and dorm room configurations and to monitor the current status of each room. On-center housing, leased housing, overflow hotel housing — no matter what you suddenly need to accommodate, Acadis Housing helps you manage it all more efficiently than ever before.

Set your own rules based on key variables you choose: housing types, class proximity, seniority/ VIP rules, cost rules, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and more. Then, based on reservations and availability, Acadis Housing automatically assigns students to rooms and beds.

Plus, it also provides rich, valuable information to aid capacity planning and demand modeling. So you can stay ahead of what’s coming tomorrow, all while better managing what’s happening today.

Key Benefits:

  • Save Time: Automate reservations, room assignments and checkout, eliminating the need to devote additional resources to coordinating what would otherwise be a convoluted, cumbersome process
  • Simplify Planning: Ensure gender-appropriate room assignments and load balancing, and identify current and future dormitory needs to maintain optimal housing capacity
  • Optimize Capacity: Capitalize on real-time views of dorm/barracks utilizations to make the best use of all available space
  • Ensure Safety: Track upcoming, ad-hoc or emergency facility maintenance to keep your housing in top shape

Feature Comparisons:

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