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For some organizations, readiness means responder to a disaster safely, quickly, and efficiently. For other organizations, readiness means training a certain number of new first responders each year.

However you define it, Acadis Forecasting provides the tools that allow you to determine which goals and capabilities are necessary to successfully measure your current organizational readiness and appropriately plan for future needs. The Acadis Forecasting design is flexible enough to allow you to configure each goal and the supporting capabilities that will meet your department’s unique organizational requirement.

Key Benefits:

  • Define Goals: Set the measurable thresholds that will place your departments’ readiness in line with the unique needs of your organization and the community you serve.
  • Future Planning: Identify gaps that have inhibited prior readiness and course correct your planning for future needs.
  • Monitor Resources: With defined goals in place, the Acadis Resource Monitor is the scale that tells you where you are versus where you need to be.
  • Identify Outside Sources: In conjunction with the Acadis Inventory module, view qualified personnel and inventory resources from other agencies that may be available to you.

Feature Comparisons:

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