Acadis Budgeting & Forecasting tracks progress towards organizational readiness goals, and supports the effective utilization of human and physical resources by targeting specific readiness gaps. The module enables critical response managers to define the amount and types of qualified personnel needed to achieve a specific goal. Resources tracked against defined targets will better align training plans to organizational preparedness goals. A “What-If?” analysis tool is included to help determine the best use of academy resources in support of training goals. In conjunction with Acadis Inventory, administrators can accurately forecast a wide variety of resource requirements in order to ensure proper readiness.

In addition, Acadis Budgeting & Forecasting allows administrators to create expense categories using Acadis List and Label Management functionality. Created expense categories, used to delineate budgetary accounts, provide an effective method for accounting managers to track and manage fiscal accounts, including the allotment and allocation of funds.

Key Benefits:

  • Define readiness goals to identify gaps and assist in planning.
  • Align training plans with organizational readiness goals
  • Add detailed costs to a class Record.
  • Create detailed allotment lists for appropriations and accounts
  • Forecast training resource requirements
  • Add planned and incurred expenses to an account activity

Feature Comparisons:

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