Knowing that members of the team under your command have completed certification in First Aid is important. But imagine if you could take the next step — to know precisely what content was taught in the class, how it was taught and by which instructor, all by simply accessing attachments to that specific training record.

That’s exactly what Acadis Documents delivers. It provides a convenient, single-source tool for uploading, storing and retrieving vital training and human resources (HR) documents related to specific trainees. Not only can you use Acadis Documents to track certifications, counseling forms, etc. for individual team members, but you can also use it to attach key curriculum documents to each training event. (And permissions you set determine who’s authorized to view those documents.)

Whether it’s a Microsoft® Word® or PowerPoint® lesson plan or Adobe® PDF instructor guide, you have instant access to precisely the information that was presented during training. So you can fulfill compliance requirements and create historically accurate references that both aid the creation of legally defensible records and help streamline accreditation.

Key Benefits:

  • Save Time and Resources: Replace bulky, inefficient and expensive paper-based records with digital archives that can be used to recreate the training in a court of law or provide instant access to the most current document for use by instructors, training managers or HR personnel
  • Support Accreditation: Maintain comprehensive, linked and accessible files for every class, student, instructor and program
  • Support Compliance: Capitalize on the availability of a complete, authentic training reference to support legally defensible records
  • Attach (Almost) Anything: Pin a broad variety of file types (from audio and video files to Microsoft Office® documents) to individual personnel records, classes (including activities within a class) and certifications

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Feature Comparisons:

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