Readiness Saves Lives.
To us, that’s more than a tagline. It’s a simple truth. And it’s what inspired us to develop Acadis®.

Acadis is a flagship family of solutions from Envisage Technologies that embody a single, powerful idea: To make certain our police, emergency services and military communities are trained, equipped and ready to respond.

We help you do that by putting efficient, repeatable and scalable processes in place before a crisis to help ensure the right information is right at hand during a crisis. We help you break down the barriers that prevent the sharing of vital information and effective collaboration. So you get what you’ve never had before: a single, easy-to-use, on-demand platform that helps you accurately gauge your real readiness. And in the process, we help your organization lower costs by streamlining training operations. Integrate data with other departments and agencies. Stay “court-ready” by enforcing compliance with legally defensible training records. And, right at this very moment, have up-to-the-moment status on your personnel and equipment inventory. Read More →

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is comprised of the following modules: