Flexible Implementation Options

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is a modular system that allows you to tailor our solutions to meet your
unique needs and budget. So whether you’re directing a small department, large academy or a statewide
certification authority, we have you covered. Just select the specific modules you need (or capitalize on
the opportunity to save by choosing among three popular Acadis bundles). Then decide if you want to
host the software yourself or if you’d like us to provide you with Acadis benefits through a secure turnkey
service that we’ll host. Either way, we can deliver just the right mix of technology and services to help you
streamline and optimize training management in a whole new way.

Acadis Deployment Options

Acadis as a Service — FedRAMP and FISMA Compliant SecureCloud Hosting

Everything you need to deploy and maintain your Acadis solution is included in our Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. There’s no hardware to buy and no software to maintain — just a flat monthly subscription fee gives you access to all the same functionality as the licensed version, without the added expense of hardware, IT staff and system support. Let our experts maintain the hardware, software, operating systems and network security. That way, you’ll have both peace of mind and the confidence of knowing your system is being supported by security-cleared professionals and backed by the company that built it. Our secure hosting option includes the same stringent security controls required by Federal and Military networks, so you can rest easy knowing your data is always in good hands.

Acadis as a Service — Full Federal C&A or Military DIACAP SecureCloud

If you require full Certification and Accreditation or DIACAP of your hosted solution, we can provide that, too, including all required C&A paperwork. In fact, we even provide an Authority to Operate (ATO) guarantee. Our Certified hosting option includes dedicated hardware, a complete C&A/DIACAP paperwork package, and ongoing updates to your security paperwork throughout the year. And because our SecureCloud is already Government-certified, we can help you achieve full ATO in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

As we continuously develop and enhance the Acadis platform, our SaaS plan keeps our customers up-to-date through regularly scheduled version releases. Envisage plans releases to occur approximately every eight (8) weeks, providing Acadis clients withupdates to their licensed modules.

  • New Features for Existing Modules developed as part of the Agile development process. Feature enhancements, via periodic releases, are included with our SaaS offering.
  • Enhancements to Current Features that improve and/or expand the use and function of the current version of Acadis.
  • Bug Fixes applied to critical issues with no known workaround. These fixes are our highest priority, and sometimes require an unscheduled release if the issue is of acute criticality.

Traditional License

If you have all of your hardware and just need Acadis software to load on your servers, we’re happy to provide you with traditional licensing and software maintenance subscriptions. Our engineers can set up the system for you or we can guide you through the installation procedures remotely. Either way, you’ll be up and running fast. Our software maintenance subscriptions not only provide your IT staff with all the necessary patches, but also include any new features and updates developed during that release. And since we release between six-to-eight new versions of Acadis every year, you can keep your organization up to date with the latest tools and best practices.

Agile Deployment

At Envisage Technologies, we embrace the concepts of Agile Development. All of our Readiness Solutions have been designed in close collaboration with organizations like yours. When we deploy your Acadis installation, we’ll pair your technical team leader with one of our in-house experts to ensure tight alignment of the software and implementation schedule with your requirements. Once your installation is complete, our Customer Care team will continue to provide you with support and weekly feature demonstrations, so that you can help us create new features that will provide the greatest benefits — and value — to your operations.

Download the Deploy Acadis Product Sheet