Streamline Training Management Like Never Before

No matter where your readiness priorities rest — on individual personnel, resources, teams or your entire organization — you’ll find the Acadis® Readiness Suite an irreplaceable resource. Because it’s a proven, enterprise software suite that simplifies complex operational tasks and addresses many of the biggest challenges facing public safety and homeland defense — managing training, resources and equipment in a way that generates complete confidence during crisis response. Whether you rely on a single Acadis module or a dozen, you’ll be capitalizing on these powerful benefits:

Maximize Efficiency — Processes like handling class registrations, scheduling or managing resources that took weeks can now be done in hours, if not minutes.

Save Money — At a time when government officials at all levels are under constant pressure to do more with less, Acadis helps you streamline and automate laborious, time-consuming training management and reporting tasks. So you can reposition your personnel in places where you need them most, eliminate inefficient paper processes, and devote fewer resources maintaining disconnected software tools that were not designed specifically for your needs.

Maintain Compliance & Mitigate Litigation — Expirations, conferral requirements, security clearances, age — you define whatever variables are most critical for your team’s certifications and qualifications. By ensuring accurate recording of your team’s compliance through Acadis, you build a legally defensible position for potential failure-to-train litigation.

Create Accountability — You can standardize and institutionalize the processes of your training organization so that virtually anyone can be assigned to run it — freeing up your qualified manpower to help keep the public safe. Plus, every step of the way, you can ensure accountability across all dimensions of readiness.

Future-Proof Your Readiness — Through Agile development, we bring new features to market faster — features identified and refined in close collaboration with our clients. So you benefit from best practices advanced by your peers all across the country, all while managing readiness on a platform that’s dynamic, flexible and future-proof.

That’s just for starters. Since the Acadis Readiness Suite is a module-based system, it’s designed to grow with you as your needs evolve. So you can start with the components that address your most pressing challenges and go from there. Each time you introduce a new module, you’ll find new ways to standardize your processes and make them more efficient, effective and compliant. And you’ll help ensure the readiness that’s so essential to fulfilling your organization’s core mission.

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