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No matter what your priority in readiness, you’ll find the Acadis Readiness Suite an irreplaceable resource.


If you need legally defensible training records (for both acquired knowledge and skills), you’ll find it here. If you need to view an up-to-the-moment status of your personnel and equipment inventory, you’ll find it here. And if you need a way to streamline your training course scheduling and operations to lower costs, you’ll find it here.


At Envisage Technologies, we know the unique demands that come with accurately tracking the skills you’re teaching your team. We know that your training records need to hold up in a court of law. We know that a glorified calendar utility simply won’t cut it for scheduling your complex, ever-changing training programs. And we know that managing certain aspects of accreditation and compliance without automation can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why so many law enforcement, public safety, military, and government organizations choose the Acadis Readiness Suite to solve these complex problems.


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Backed by a decade-long track record of success and built on an Agile development process that incorporates user feedback directly into product design, the web-based Acadis Readiness Suite delivers benefits of value to every training and crisis management team:

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Maximize Your Efficiency By choosing the Acadis Readiness Suite modules that best fit your operations, you can easily consolidate the multiple systems you currently use into a single, flexible and more powerful tool. Processes like handling class registrations, managing curricula or configuring testing templates that took weeks can now be done in hours if not minutes. With Acadis, you can do more with less, so you’ll be saving money and turning your focus away from tedious paperwork and toward more important pursuits.
Save Your Team Money Today, government officials at all levels are under constant pressure (“mandate,” really) to do more with less. Fortunately, the Acadis Readiness Suite helps you do just that by streamlining and automating laborious, time-consuming training management and reporting tasks. So you can reposition your personnel in places where you need them most (like putting more boots on the ground, for instance). Since you’ll be spending fewer resources trying in vain to get a series of disconnected software tools to do more than they’re capable of, you’ll also be delivering vital cost savings for your department or agency.
Simplify Your Scheduling With the Scheduling module, you can truly revolutionize the scheduling of your training by tracking hundreds of individual class calendars, facilities, resources and training personnel. The Registration module helps you get trainees into classes quicker and easier through secure online registration. So you can always ensure the right instructors and right personnel are put in the right courses, right from the start.
Track Your Pros from “Hire to Retire” The Training module gives you the power to track your personnel from “hire to retire.” Over the years, as members of your team train in the classroom, on the range or online, you’re automatically generating detailed training transcripts and certification and qualification reports. Not only are you building a secure training history for each professional, you’re simultaneously creating a trueview of the overall strengths and weaknesses of your entire team.
Maintain Your Team’s Compliance and Mitigate Litigation Since no two work environments are identical, the Compliance Management module lets you define precisely which characteristics are essential to your personnel. Expirations, conferral requirements, security clearances, age — you define whatever variables are most critical for your team’s certifications and qualifications. By ensuring accurate recording of your team’s compliance, you build a legally defensible position for potential failure-to-train litigation.
Forecast Your Budgets Precisely What should your training budget look like next year? How about in five years? With your team’s complete training history right at your fingertips, you can develop forward-looking plans (and budgets) that address specific gaps in your training program.
Make Your Readiness Future-Proof Through Agile development, we bring new features to market faster — features identified and refined in close collaboration with our clients. So you benefit from best practices advanced by your peers all across the country. Plus, as the heavy push toward interoperability among local, state and federal agency continues, you can be confident you’re managing readiness on a platform that’s dynamic, flexible and future-proof.


Since the Acadis Readiness Suite is a module-based system, it’s designed to change as your needs evolve. So you can start with the components that address your most pressing challenges and go from there. Each time you introduce a new module, you’ll find new ways to standardize your training and make it more efficient, effective and compliant.

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