The Fundamental Guide to Buying Online Training Software for Public Safety

The unique training needs of public safety organizations demand the right systems.

Avoid being stuck with the wrong ones.

The options are overwhelming: Do you need a TMS or just an LMS? Is cloud hosting the right option? What about security?

Be well informed on online learning topics such as:  

  • The benefits of online training systems
  • Generic software systems versus those built for your industry
  • Whether you should build your own system
  • The security concerns of online training
  • The time and cost savings of cloud hosting  
  • Positive outcomes that online training enables

Download this guide, full of valuable considerations for public safety organizations when purchasing online training software. Plus, get time management advice with the included “Time-Saving Tips for Your Training Coordinators.”

The National Decertification Index (NDI) is a national registry of police officers whose law enforcement credentials have been revoked due to misconduct.

For more than 10 years, the NDI has provided police departments, state agencies, and other organizations with decertification data about potential hires.

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