Coronavirus Law Enforcement Best Practices

Coronavirus Law Enforcement Best Practices

Law enforcement leaders have many concerns about best practices for their agencies’ operations during the current coronavirus crisis. You want advice from professionals who have serious experience working as cops, so POLICE assembled a panel of law enforcement experts to help give you that advice.

During this informative on-demand webinar, Dr. Lawrence E. Heiskell, Attorney Eric P. Daigle, Chief William L. “Bill” Harvey, and the POLICE team discuss police operations and the coronavirus.


Topics Covered:

  • Officer Protection
  • Operating in PPE
  • Policy and Legal Issues
  • Online Training
  • Maintaining Patrol Levels
  • Long-Term Repercussions for Your Agency
  • Audience Q&A

The National Decertification Index (NDI) is a national registry of police officers whose law enforcement credentials have been revoked due to misconduct.

For more than 10 years, the NDI has provided police departments, state agencies, and other organizations with decertification data about potential hires.

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