Regression antlers?

Regression is under way.  This means features for 4.5.4 are done.  (A couple of little gems that made the cut off include a new quick search by registration confirmation number and new navigation to create classes and online events.)  Our quality assurance staff is busy testing to make sure no area that we changed broke a different area of the application and our developers are doing work that benefits the product but isn’t visible to an end user.

If you had visited us in the past week, you might have seen developers reporting their status in sign language.  The moose-looking antlers were about writing an ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) grammar parser to convert our SilkTest suite of tests to Selenium.

We currently use a tool called SilkTest to simulate a customer using Acadis with a browser.   This allows us to test user interface code and test multiple browsers.  Unfortunately, these tests require a full night to run and adding more licenses to speed this up is cost prohibitive.

Selenium, an open source alternative, has added a lot of features since we last evaluated it.  We think it has the features we need now and because it is open source, we will be able to create test suites that run concurrently.  This will allow developers to know sooner, whether something they changed breaks the user interface.

So this regression, we are working on moving our existing tests over to the alternative.  We hope that when we are done, this will reduce the amount of human time it takes to regression test Acadis and result in fewer bugs.


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