Registration emails help students and bring on a happy dance

Sometimes a feature is more exciting to Envisage employees than to customers.  Automatic sending of registration emails was not anticipated to be one of those features, but one of our employees did a little jig and another teared up when this feature was demoed.  It will be hard for a customer reaction to be stronger than that.

Five new automated email types have been added.

  • Student is moved from pending registration to enrolled
  • Student is moved to pending registration to waitlisted
  • Student is moved from waitlisted to enrolled
  • Student is transferred from one class to another
  • Student’s enrollment is cancelled

Each email will include the class or classes that are involved and will allow the customer to set up some standard text that goes with each message.  The email will be sent to students when their status changes, unless that automated email type is turned off.

You can see this and a bunch of other features intended to make you happy at the User Group Demonstration this week.

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