Recruiting, qualifying, training and the first year of salary for new recruits is a large expense. Different sources list the cost between $70,000 and $120,000 for turning law enforcement students into officers. With this level of investment, training academies and departments want to understand why students leave training. This week’s highlighted feature helps measure trends while classes are ongoing.

The departure monitor displays the number of students who have departed, along with percentages for each class so trends can be observed. Academies can use the ‘monitored’ departures to break out specific types of departures (like medical departures) and get percentages for those break outs. With those numbers, they can make decisions about whether additional practices like increased safety training or more stringent entrance qualifications would help decrease training attrition.

screen shot of student departure monitor which indicates what percentage of the class graduated and left training.  It also provides the ability to monitor specific categories of departures.

The new departure monitor allows training organizations to determine trends in student departures.

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