Training Categories Begin to Pop

Sometimes features coming into a release are like popcorn popping.  Work is done behind the scenes that represents the heating up of the oil.  It is always a struggle to wait through that period.  Then, a single kernel or two pops.  After another minute, there is a deluge of popped kernels.

Several of our customers have been interested in tracking Training Categories trying to answer the question, “Is this mandatory retraining, salary incentive or something else?”  While this may sound like a small feature, Acadis has a  lot of ways to report and display training.  We have academy classes, on-line classes, pre-approved in-service events and manually entered in-service events.  Training records, class records and transcripts all need to display this new information.  All in all, we estimated this work to be about 60 points (24 person weeks).

This week, the first couple kernels have started to pop with a set of features that will be released in 4.5.5. We have added training categories to list management and to approved in-service events where the training category is the same for all students.  Before the release closes in two another weeks, we expect it to pop in several more places.  You can join either of our User Group Feature Demos to see it in action.

2017-05-30T10:33:55+00:00 August 28th, 2012|Product News|