Pioneering the Automation of Section 508 Compliance Testing

Last week was another regression week, where quality assurance analysts were testing in preparation for the release and developers were working on internal features.

The big discussions have been around how to automate Section 508 compliance testing.  Section 508 is the Federal requirement for software to be accessible for people with disabilities.  When software is deployed, government IT staff use a 508 toolbar to manually test and identify areas of the application that appear to be out of compliance.

Currently, testing for 508 is a very manual process.  With our move to Selenium in browser testing, we are considering how we might automate the 508 testing.  Part of any successful process is measurement, so that is our first undertaking.  New internal features will record a manual assessment of whether each page is in compliance.  Whenever a developer makes code changes to a page, a flag will be flipped that indicates additional testing is needed to make sure the 508 compliance is maintained.  An automated report will be produced nightly that helps our team know where to direct our efforts.

This is a large chunk of work, so check back next regression on our progress.


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