Performance appraisal, performance report, performance evaluation, conduct and performance report, employee appraisal, career development report…there are lots of different names to describe evaluating an employee’s work performance.

Careful monitoring and evaluation of new employees is an important part of many field training programs (FTOs) and is even Congressionally-mandated in some Federal law enforcement programs. Up until recently, creating a performance report was a feature that was only available in the main Acadis application and was used by academy personnel to help coach students. This week’s highlighted feature is the ability for field offices to create performance reports for their workforce.

Table of employees with the ability to create performance reports

With the addition of performance reports in the portal, field training programs can track employee performance more easily.

The changes allow persons with appropriate permissions to write performance reports for their organizational staff. Those reports can be displayed on the individual’s lifelong learning record (along with their certifications and contact information) or kept more private.

To see this and the other features developed in the past week, please join our User Group Feature Demonstration.

A field observation report for an individual

Performance Reports can be customized to evaluate employee progress toward specific benchmarks.