Coping with Coronavirus: LMS and Virtual Training

With COVID-19 disrupting classrooms across the nation, this is a crucial time for many agencies to prepare for moving classes and other training events online. Even though the long-term scope of these disruptions is hard to predict, organizations entrusted with public safety need to ensure they can continue training operations in the face of public health emergencies or natural disasters.

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Combating Fatigue and Burnout

A career as a first responder or caregiver can take a serious emotional toll over time. Amy Morgan, a mental health professional and director of the Certified First Responder Counselor program, explores the mental and emotional impact of service careers — including ways to manage anxiety and stress, and striving for a healthy work-life balance.

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Acadis Legal Defensibility

With record-breaking legal settlements paid by public entities in recent years, there are several reasons public safety and other government organizations need to implement an enterprise-level training management system built specifically for their industry. Key among these are the needs to protect reputation and budget. While generic learning management systems designed for other types of customers may deliver some types of training effectively, one significant downside is that they are more likely to leave public safety and government organizations inadequately defended from potential lawsuits. The Acadis® Readiness Suite is designed exclusively for public safety and other high risk and liability government organizations as an enterprise-class training management system.

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Norwest Invests in Envisage to Accelerate Adoption of the Leading Public Safety Technology Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Norwest, a leading investment firm, today announced that it has made a growth equity investment in Envisage Technologies, LLC (Envisage), a leading SaaS provider of public safety training and compliance management systems. Norwest’s investment will help Envisage rapidly scale operations to meet increasing customer demand and […]

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Envisage and Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group Announce Collaboration

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Envisage Technologies, a leading provider of public safety training management systems, today announced a collaboration with the Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group (Public Safety Group) a leading provider of instructional, assessment, and learning-performance management solutions. Through this partnership, Envisage’s public safety-focused Acadis Readiness Suite training […]

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Wildfire, Wildlands, and the Wildland-urban Interface Reflect Firefighting’s Newest, Biggest Challenge

Wildfires are in the news more than ever, and their impact on communities, the environment, and fire services professionals has never been more apparent. With more houses popping up on the border between wildland and civilization, here are the basics every fire team, regardless of current function, should know.

Cellphone Challenges for Law Enforcement and Corrections

Cellular phone technology has fundamentally changed the way people communicated since it hit the mass market in 1984, and its effects on overall public safety were nearly as dramatic. Today’s public safety agencies utilize mobile devices better and in more ways than ever, but that does not negate the unique challenges they pose — especially for personnel in the law enforcement and corrections fields.

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There Are No Routine Stops for Law Enforcement—and no Easy Way to Handle Safety

Law enforcement organizations have long known the dangers of traffic stops, but statistics often fail to tell the whole story. Dealing with the practice’s uncertainties and unwanted variables effectively means shouldering a certain amount of risk, despite efforts to improve safety on often-busy roadways — a difficult situation for a field intent on keeping its officers safe.

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