New emergency alert system rolled out for schools

As the students from Sandy Hook Elementary return to their first full year of school since the tragedy last December, all eyes are looking for new ways to increase our children's safety, reported The Associated Press. No one wants to experience another mass shooting at a school, which is why COPsync has announced that it plans to offer its COPsync 911 emergency alert service throughout the nation. 

Police Magazine reported that the service allows school personnel to instantaneously send out a silent emergency alert to local law enforcement officers in their patrol units and all nearby agencies. In addition, the system works to alert all teachers and administrators in the school of the danger. In active shooter situations, time is of the essence, which why the technology is expected to reduce response times by up to seven minutes, according to the company. 

Alert system improves response time and potentially decrease fatalities by providing more information to law enforcement about the situation in a timely manner. For this system, once the alert is sent, a chat room is established among the school network, first responder vehicles and local dispatch offices. Teachers and school administrative officials are able to communicate to outsiders about what is occurring inside, whether it is a fire, active shooter, suspicious person or other emergency. 

By creating a communication line between first responders and those inside the school, there is a greater chance for the situation to be resolved faster and with more lives spared. Information and quick response can provide law enforcement and public safety agents with the basis for a strong response. 

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