New Avenues for Providing Customer Feedback

Screen shot of Acadis with the new feedback button at the top

Adding another way to get feedback from our users

If you spend any time reading the product updates, you know that we love user feedback.  It is difficult to please customers if you don’t know what they need or want.

When I use non-Acadis software on the web and encounter a problem, I am sometimes surprised at how difficult it is to tell their development team about the problem I am having.  At Envisage, we have several feedback loops.  Our goal is to learn how the features we deliver help you, how you’d like to add to them to make them more useful and what issues are making your day less than awesome.  Generally, this information is collected during user group feature demonstrations, individual project meetings, customer care outreach calls, or a communication by you that you need help.  What we realized was that there was no way for you to tell us while you were working in the application without having to pick up the phone or navigate away.  As a result, this week’s highlighted feature is the ability to provide feedback to our software development team, wherever you are in the application.

Now, providing feedback will be as easy as clicking a button.  We hope the result will be software that is more of what you love and expect.  It is a pretty straightforward feature, but we’d delight in showing it and other features developed this week to you in our User Group Feature Demonstrations.

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