More in the Way of Inventory

Inventory is Acadis’s newest module, and new features are still coming in regularly.  This week, we saw the demonstration of a couple of features that will help users keep track of it all.

The first feature was the ability to assign inventory as it is being added to the system.  Previously, you were able to assign inventory, but you could only do it after you had added it.  Now, you can do it all at once.  This should improve the speed of entering inventory that is already assigned.  With this feature, you still have the ability to indicate who verified the assignment or simply assign it, based on how your process works.

Another feature that was added this week is the ability to search across all inventory types.  Interested in finding all the inventory assigned to a particular field office instead of having to do a separate search for their vehicles, service animals, and firearms?  You’ll find it in the v4.5.4 release.  And the search results will give you the automobile VIN, animal tattoo number, or firearms serial number (depending on what is in your result set) in addition to other fields that will help you identify the inventory.


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