More features supporting accreditation

A few weeks ago we demonstrated the traceability matrix, which allows you to match learning objectives on a class curriculum and a class test.  The feedback was very positive.  During our user group feature demonstrations, many of you shared how this is currently being done without the feature and “painful” is the word that most immediately comes to mind.

display of the learning objectives on curriculum, with the name of activities and the times they are scheduled

New details on the matrix allow the user to see where learning objectives have been added to the curriculum and when they are scheduled.

Luckily, our Agile process allows us to take in this feedback, see how strong the needs are and add more capabilities.  Our highlighted feature this week expands the matrix.  Now, you are able to see where exactly in the curriculum the learning objective is taught and where it appears on the schedule.

You’ll also be able to see details related to the tests, like how many questions have this learning objective and if any of the editions of the test are missing the learning objective.

display of the learning objectives on tests with the editions enumerated and the number of questions displayed

This will show every place that the learning objective appears on tests in the class. Written tests will show the number of questions with the learning objective for each test edition. The details will also list every observed test that has this learning objective.

Finally, you’ll be able to print the results, which will allow you to hunt down problems and provide details to auditors or accreditation staff that are not in the Acadis system.

Stop by the user group feature demonstration this week to see this and other features developed by the team here at Envisage.

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