More features in blended training reduce training costs

Public safety organizations everywhere are trying to reduce training related costs. As technology advances, new options become available.  A growing trend is to have students take some eLearning component before they arrive for classroom training.  This allows students to get started on the basics as soon as they enroll, reduces the amount of time instructors and students spend in the classroom and reduces the cost of instruction without sacrificing quality.  One possible negative is not being able to control the flow of information the student receives.  In the classroom, students aren’t exposed to advanced concepts until they’ve mastered the basics.

In the past few weeks we have added several features related to when eLearning is available to a student.  If you attended the User Group Feature Demonstration two weeks ago, you know we added the ability to specify when an eLearning activity becomes available: upon enrollment, when the class starts, or a specific custom date.  With the features introduced this week, instructors can make an eLearning class available to only those students that have passed certain tests or completed previous eLearning content.  This allows the instructor to order the content and keep a student from accessing content until the instructor wants it to be released.  If instructors want to allow users to have self-paced eLearning instruction, a feature of many leadership classes, this is also supported.

Please join us in our User Group Feature Demonstration to see these and other features developed in the last few weeks.

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