It isn’t too often our customer care team gets the offer of Elvis cupcakes for a feature that is developed, but when it happens, we know that the feature will be well-loved.

Cupcake with Marzipan Elvis

The new transfer student test grades has some customers swooning.

This week’s highlighted feature is the ability to transfer a departed student’s grades from a previous class. It is not uncommon for students who need to leave academy training to want to come back. Depending on why they left, test grades taken in an earlier class may be able to be transferred. With the new feature, registrars will be alerted when enrolling a student who was departed from an earlier class with matching curriculum. They will have the option to transfer the grades into the new class and will be alerted if any test structure has changed making a transfer not possible. It will also let registrars know if the student had no previous test grades to transfer.

One happy customer reported that this feature is expected to save them an hour of work for their large classes. If you’d like to see this feature or any others developed this week, please join our User Group Feature Demonstration.