Life saving training grant distributed to fire departments across the nation

As a fire department, it's imperative to invest in training and quality tracking of that training to ensure your team comes home successful and safe after each deployment.

Funding for training initiatives allows departments with tight budgets to better ensure the men and women serving the community remain safe. Fire Engineering reported that the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company has marked $30 million in grants to fire departments across the country. The money will be divided up between a number of departments, including $61,133 to the Fire Department of New York to purchase lifesaving equipment, training and educational materials. This fund alone, since its launch in 2004, has awarded grants in all 50 states and more than $655,000 to the FDNY.

"Few organizations have supported the fire service for as long and with as much enthusiasm as Fireman's Fund," said FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, according to the news source. "The generous grants from Fireman's Fund and its agencies — including the latest grants from CMJ Underwriters, Taylor & Taylor Associates and Wells Fargo Insurance Services — have been a tremendous help to the Department; enhancing the training our members receive, supporting the fire safety education we provide to the public, and helping to educate our future firefighters, EMTs and paramedics at the FDNY High School."

Grants like these help fire departments afford various training and education initiatives that are crucial for the development of a strong team. With this money the FDNY will be better able to serve communities across the city and make sure that everyone returns home after his or her shift.

"As we celebrate our company's 150th anniversary this year, we also look to the future. With these grants, we honor the fire service and support initiatives that help firefighters overcome the modern challenges they face," added Danielle Cagan, director of the grant program at Fireman's Fund. "This is an important milestone that is not just about cutting checks, but about supporting those who do so much every day to keep us all safe."

By investing in quality training and the right support mechanisms, a department is better able to support its community. Having accurate data about response capabilities of individual firefighters will allow officials to best determine what tasks one person can perform safely because they have received the proper training. Readiness is largely made up of appropriately preparing for given scenarios and having the knowledge of who is best suited for a job. Grants like the one provided to the FDNY by the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company allow departments to better themselves by taking advantage of training initiatives and educational programs. By organizing and planning exceptional training measures, a department can ensure that the community it serves and the men and women working to save lives and property are better equipped.

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