Is your team up-to-date on its restraint training?

A first responder from Tacoma, Washington, was assaulted by a 20-year-old woman after responding to her call for medical attention. The News Tribune reports that the young woman entered a bar early Monday morning and asked for water, an ambulance and a telephone. 

Once first responders showed up at the bar she proceeded to break a glass door and throw chairs. The fire captain who was at the scene tried to calm the woman, but she responded by punching him in the chest and spitting, according to witness accounts. Officers stepped in to help restrain the woman, who was later taken to the hospital and tested positive for heroine, cocaine and methamphetamine, reports the news source. 

First responders often arrive onto a scene with little information to go on. It's their training that allows them to quickly gauge a situation and decide a course of action. It's unfortunate that so often anger and physical violence is directed to those who are sworn or volunteer to protect the community. However, because of how common these situations are, it's vital that first responders, both law enforcement and public safety like fire fighters, are appropriately prepared. 

In the previously mentioned situation, the woman was released from the hospital and arrested on charges of third-degree assault and malicious mischief, reports The News Tribune. However, if first responders had not known how to best deal with the alleged incident, more people could have gotten hurt. 

The safety training courses departments use are not just put in place to protect the public – they are also there to ensure first responders acquire the necessary skills necessary to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Educating law enforcement and first responders about the appropriate way to handle an unruly or violent individual is one of many crucial skills. Regular training and maintaining legally defensible records of that training can also help minimize liability for public safety and law enforcement departments. Readiness training is essential to keeping citizens and our first responders safe, it also ensures that everyone who is sent out to answer a call knows how to act when situations get out of hand.

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