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Public safety and law enforcement departments rely on the skill and professionalism of their men and women in uniform, whether they are serving small suburban towns or large metro areas. Training for officers is usually mandated by a State Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) or commission that enforces minimum standards for officers to maintain their certification.

Until recently, officers would provide information about the training they had received during the year to their training coordinators who in turn would provide the State POST with an annual in-service training report on each officer.  This process used to be both labor intensive and highly error prone making departments vulnerable to litigation.  Today, 7 States have adopted the Acadis Readiness Suite designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement.  The software tracks compliance by linking State POST agencies, departments and individual officers within a secure web-based platform.  Once connected, officers can review their training records, print certificates register for classes and access online learning courses.  Training coordinators can use the workforce portal to assign training to their officers and report training to the POST electronically.  All this happens in real time. 

Perhaps equally important, when a situation, like a mass casualty event occurs, leaders in the field need to be able to call upon those who will best be able to act quickly and have the right combination of training. Acadis aggregates vital information about special skills and training officers have received allowing incident commanders to rapidly access information about which personnel have the optimal qualifications to respond to a critical incident.  During a crisis knowing who has the right skills to dispatch can save lives.

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