In the last release, notifications were added to help trainees know when their enrollment in a class was completed, when they had been added to a wait list or when a class had been cancelled.  Often, the person who fills out the registration form for a class is not the student but is the training coordinator.

Email message where training coordinator is in the CC line of a training email sent to a student

The newest feature allows training coordinators to be copied on emails sent to students related to sign ups and cancellations.

This week’s highlighted feature is the ability for training coordinators to receive the same notifications that the student is receiving, if the training coordinator signs the students up for training.  In each type of notification, the training coordinator will be listed in the CC: (carbon copy) field.  This will allow organizations to keep on top of the availability of their workforce and if a class cancels, get them scheduled for shifts or rescheduled for a different training.  It will also help training coordinators make sure the workforce is in compliance with training requirements.

This week’s User Group Feature Demonstrations are different because of the holidays.  Instead of demonstrating the features completed this week and last, there is an open session where you can get any questions that you have about our software answered.  If you want to see this feature, just ask.  We’d be happy to show it or any other part of the software that might help you accomplish your mission.