Import Documents makes its debut

Documents are an important part of compliance and accreditation.  Through the Document Management module, users are able to attach documents to various area in the application.

  • To curriculum – lesson plans, presentations given to classes, handouts used in class, curriculum review board approvals
  • To people – supporting documents for firearms qualifications, certifications, requests for certification, applications to be an instructor, medical records, training records, performance reports, mandatory forms
  • To organizations – correspondence, requests for reciprocal agreements
  • To certification applications – support for meeting the criteria, like a birth certificate to support an age requirement or a certificate to support a fulfilled training requirement

A big benefit to using Document Management is having all those documents in one place.  Unfortunately, it is sometimes a time consuming process if you have a lot of documents, either because you are just getting started or you have a very paper-intensive environment.

Attaching documents to person records just got easier with features demoed this week.  With the new Import Documents feature, users can upload a set of documents in a .zip file and can provide a manifest file which tells Acadis which person each document should be attached to.  This will allow customers to quickly move their documents into the application along with all the other person information.   Curriculum and organization document imports are currently being worked and expected to also be included in the release.  If you want to see this in action, please join our User Group Feature Demonstration this week or next.

2017-05-30T10:33:55+00:00 September 12th, 2012|Product News|