IADLEST roundtable discussed innovative ways to fund Law Enforcement Training

Members of the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement and industry experts came together to discuss the issues facing law enforcement and public safety agencies. The 2013 IADLEST Conference was held June 2 to June 5 in Portland, Oregon.

According to the conference press release, the nation has faced tightening budgets as a result of the global recession. Declining tax revenues have negatively impacted funding for POST, law enforcement academies and departments that provide public safety training. At the same time, criminals have adopted new techniques for committing crimes and the training field is increasingly becoming more advanced and technical.

The future of POST will largely depend on how agencies providing law enforcement solutions will be able to innovate to meet new needs, while departments seek out new ways to fund law enforcement training as the economy begins to improve.

The keynote speaker for the event was Michael Nila and he led the talk titled Blue Courage – a transformational leadership development workshop. This educational opportunity focused on self improvement, increased engagement, taught stress management and improved resilience.

Envisage Technologies CEO Ari Vidali presented Funding Judo, a round table discussion at the IADLEST Conference. The well attended session was designed to generate innovative ideas and new models to fund essential law enforcement training services.  One idea that was discussed was the development of a National Foundation "The IADLEST Training Alliance" which would serve as a conduit for private sector fundraising for the law enforcement training community.

Round table discussions are intended to be a chance for departments and industry leaders to come together to exchange ideas on standards, policy and training developments. 

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