New quality standard to set benchmark for law enforcement continuing education

BLOOMINGTON, IN, January 13, 2015 —The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) announced today a partnership with Envisage Technologies, the leading software company for the public safety training and compliance industry, to develop a National Certification Program for law enforcement continuing education. This standard will be accompanied by a National Training Catalog which will simplify access to all nationally-certified content for law enforcement agencies.

The fire and emergency medical disciplines each have established standards for ongoing re-certification training. However, in the criminal justice field, each state had their own process for awarding in-service or continuing education credit for officers attending vendor-provided training. Until now there has not been a uniform national standard for police and corrections continuing education that ensures training quality. As a result, departments risk spending money on training that may be outdated, of poor quality, not legally defensible and even dangerous.

“National certification of law enforcement training courses has been a long-term goal of IADLEST,” said Mike Becar, Executive Director of IADLEST. “National certification will save state POST’s time and resources and offer a tremendous benefit to training providers nationwide.”

This year, IADLEST, in partnership with Peace Officers Standards and Training organizations around the nation will launch a new program designed to eliminate many of the problems associated with a lack of standardization within criminal justice training. The IADLEST National Certification Program will establish minimum standards for vendors providing law enforcement continuing education and ensure that training content meets those quality standards. The standards are designed to meet or exceed any individual state certification requirement to ensure that training that achieves national certification will be accepted by all participating POST organizations around the Nation for in-service training credit.

Peggy Schaefer, a law enforcement training veteran, will lead the National Certification Program, and each participating POST will provide between 6-10 subject matter experts to evaluate course content.

“I’m excited to be part of a groundbreaking effort that will standardize criminal justice training throughout the country,” said Peggy Schaefer, IADLEST National Certification Program Director. “All criminal justice professionals expect the training they receive, in person or on-line, to be current, precise, legally correct, professionally packaged, and job enhancement focused.”

In conjunction with the new standards, Envisage Technologies will provide a broad framework for the aggregation and distribution of nationally certified content. Envisage will create a National Training Catalog aimed at supporting training coordinators around the country. The catalog will contain a comprehensive list of vendor-supplied training opportunities for law enforcement officers that have passed rigorous vetting and achieved national certification. In addition, officers will be able to rate individual courses and these ratings will be available to other officers to review when selecting training opportunities for their personnel.

“This will be a great resource for departments and officers,” said Ari Vidali, Envisage CEO. “For the first time, training coordinators will have access to a list of all available training content that has been validated by a national association as well as ratings from officers that have taken the training. This will create convenience and cost savings for departments, but even more importantly, courses that have been certified by national subject matter experts will be easier to defend in court.”

As the foremost association involved in police certification and training, IADLEST sees the emergence of standards as a significant benefit to all stakeholders. “It ensures officers’ continuing education is recognized within other states,” said Becar. “Chiefs and Sheriffs will have peace of mind knowing that their limited dollars are being spent on quality law enforcement training.”

The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is an international organization of training managers and executives dedicated to the improvement of public safety personnel. IADLEST serves as the national forum of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) agencies, boards, and commissions as well as statewide training academies throughout the United States.

Envisage is a high-tech software company founded in 2001 to automate complex training operations for first responders and the military. We create solutions that make our world a safer place. Our mission is to improve the readiness of our Nation’s public safety professionals to ensure they come home alive. The company’s training and compliance software platform leads the industry, serving over 500,000 first responders and 5,600 public safety departments, across multiple states and the Federal Government. Our clients are federal law enforcement agencies, including the U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations.

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