Homeland Security budget receives protection from House

The House of Representatives has recently voted to protect the budget of the Department of Homeland Security. Many domestic agencies are currently facing severe cuts due to the government deficit. The Associated Press reports that the GOP-controlled House pushed through a budget that would force nondefense programs to cut more than $90 billion. 

So far, the Democrat-controlled Senate is still at odds with the House over the cuts, which are required because of Washington's inability to meet mandatory spending decreases. The measure to keep the current Homeland Security budget has received support from Democrats. 

The Homeland Security measure would allow the Border Patrol to hire an additional 1,600 agents, replace funds for state and local government grants and eliminate suggested cuts to the Coast Guard's budget. 

"Obviously we are severely short on our allocation," said Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky, according to the news source. "It very well could be that during the year there could be a replacement for sequestration and/or a budget deal that would give us more."

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