Leadership is the process of social influence that inspires the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal.

It requires trust and loyalty of a collective body. It’s about making and keeping your promises.

And while keeping promises are the basis for that loyalty and trust, they are also the basis for ending both.

When they aren’t kept, it leads to a breakdown in leadership and can result in many other failures.

Leadership is difficult work in any context, but it’s especially challenging for first responders, where the lives of responders are in harm’s way in order to keep promises to society, where policies and budgets are often governed by political filters, and where the specific threats and dangers faced by first responders are always changing.

Add a global pandemic, the personal failures we see on the news, a history of both internal and external disconnect between sworn oaths and actual behaviors, a hostile public narrative, and leadership within the first responder community becomes even more charged and difficult.


Failure to keep promises is a failure in Leadership and can lead to a thousand ways to fail. Click To Tweet


Make no mistake, law enforcement is experiencing a sea change now, and all of public safety will be impacted in fundamental ways as we move forward.

We stand with all people of goodwill in our condemnation of racism, abuse, unaccountability, and senseless violence wherever it happens. There must be transparency within public service. We are in a season of grief. We are also in a season of action, and good things will come from it.


Law Enforcement Oath of Honor: On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve 


We believe this because we believe in the cause of the first responder. We believe in the oaths they swear both in words and in the lives they lead and risk when they choose their truest and most noble selves. The role and promise of the first responder is to help, and not inhibit, the function of society. On the far side of this season, the right people will remain, and their promises will be easier to keep than ever before.

Envisage will be part of that rebuilt world because we’ve been building for it all along. Ours is the only solution designed solely as a leadership platform for the public safety community, built to help leaders make and keep the right promises.

Public safety will look different in the future, and it will look different place to place. But across the board, we’re built to help leaders keep their promises and offer answers that matter.

  • Operational answers for their bosses.
  • Compliance and efficacy answers for government.
  • Vision, training, and procedural answers for their teams.
  • Policy and collaboration answers for the public.
  • And answers about how well promises were kept for families at gravesides.


Make no mistake, law enforcement is experiencing a sea change now, and all of public safety will be impacted in fundamental ways as we move forward. Click To Tweet


Public service is, in the end, profoundly personal service offered on behalf of society to strangers who are often experiencing stunning vulnerability. The readiness, professionalism, and character we groom in our first responders is very literally the voice of our society to people in their most critical moments. It is grueling, generally thankless and universally second-guessed work that can only be sustained by the right promises, and leaders who navigate the incredibly complex process of keeping those promises.

Now, more than ever, we promise to help.

Learn how we’re partnering with our clients and the broader community to chart a better path forward.

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